Award Winning short film THINGS HAPPEN now available!


IntelleXual Entertainment is proud to present multiple award winning short film, THINGS HAPPEN, exclusively online on

THINGS HAPPEN recently completed a year of festival runs culminating in wins for Best Direction (David S. Dawson) and Best Musical Score (Romain Zante) at the 2016 San Diego Film Awards on April 3, 2016 where the film was also nominated for Best Actor (Sebastien Cipolla), Best Supporting Actress (Terri Park) and Best Production Design (David S. Dawson, Theresa Dawson Davis, Bryan Keith Davis).

During it’s festival run THINGS HAPPEN garnered 8 Official Selections, took Third Place at the Alley Art Festival in Vista, CA and was nominated for Best Score Short Film at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards (Romain Zante) as well as garnering an Award of Recognition for Best Actor in the Best Shorts Competition (Sebastien Cipolla).

IntelleXual Entertainment would like to congratulate the entire team who made THINGS HAPPEN a reality and to thank Sebastien Cipolla for choosing our San Diego, CA based team of filmmakers to produce his first film project. A huge thanks to the 68 crowdfunders who contributed to the film and allowed a team of hungry artists to receive some pay for their efforts and also allowed us to expand the level of art direction on the film to new heights.

THINGS HAPPEN from IntelleXual Entertainment and Frenchtis Productions

THINGS HAPPEN is a powerful, emotional, short film about a man who has lost everything after the death of his wife and child. Lost in his grief he is struggling to find a reason to go on until a fateful encounter presents him another chance to see that life is worth fighting for.

Written and Produced by: Sebastien Cipolla
Produced and Directed by: David S. Dawson
Producer/Cinematographer: Bryan Keith Davis
Producer: Theresa Dawson Davis
Set Photographer: Carla Van Wagoner
Associate Producer: Michael Matteo Rossi

Composer: Romain Zante
Score Mix: Solo Jung-Yi Wang


Sebastien Cipolla
Merrick McCartha
Terri Park
Laura Marie Davis
Laura Cibin
Karl Backus
Sophie Backus
Piper Backus
Chris Hughes


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