Josh Bevier, who guested on The IntelleXual Podcast and will be hosting a show of his own on the network in the future, stars in this funny film from Devon Armstrong.

I Snatched Andy Warhol (Comedy, Whole Movie) 2014
The movie for people with a thousand “Friends” and no one to pick them up at the airport.

Synopsis: An accidental Internet superstar hates his web-addled, fame-addicted generation, and revolts by kidnapping a priceless masterpiece by Andy Warhol – the godfather of the Facebook era.

Directed and Written by Devon Armstrong
Distributed by the Downtown Repertory Theater Company

Production stills, merchandise and more:

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Heist, Independent Film

Production Budget: $4000 – Micro Budget Film

Burbank International Film Festival (Best Screenplay nom.)
Hollywood Screenplay Contest (Winner, Bronze Prize)
Act One Script Competition (Finalist)
Beverly Hills Film Festival (Official Selection)
Philadelphia Screenplayfest (Official Selection)

Director/Writer – Devon Armstrong
Director of Photography – Michael Stampler
First A.D. -Amanda Corbet
UPM – Natalie Figaredo
Location Sound – Quinlan Collier
Editing by – Nicole Deane
Editing by – ‘Slice’ Stalone
Additional Editing by – Matt Lents
Additional Editing by – Michael Stampler
Sound Design – Matt Glenn
Original Score by – Kevin DeKimpe
Additional Music by – Jonathan Richards
Music Performances by – Daniel Richardson
Music Performances by – William Logan
Digital Effects by – Josh Hockey
Additional Photography – Brian Jordan Alvarez
Additional Photography – Adhish Yajnik
Wardrobe – Ellen Choi
Art Department – Courtney Falde
Art Department – Marcus LaMontagne
Art Department – Matthew Nelson
SFX Make-up – Chrissy Cipres
Graphic Design – Aidan Schultz-Meyer

Matthew Lents – Stonewall
James Fowler – Eugene
Sarah Noble Peck – Beatrice
Emily Goss – Evie
Joshua Bevier — Sgt. Javert
Devon Armstrong – Brut
John Armstrong — Uncle Garoutte
Catherine Velarde – Alice
Topher Mauerhan – Fanboy
Christopher Caldwell Eckert – Dru
Nick Zayas — Jock
Tomer Shechori – Steve
Karina Castillo – Bartender
Arber Mehmeti – Malone
Sarah Gise – Barista
Giselle Gilbert – Hipster Cyborg
Colleen Kelly-Eiding — Anchor 1
Dan Anic — Anchor 2
Amalia Shifriss – Nurse
Amanda Newman — Fangirl
Jake Minton – Cyborg 2

Special Thanks to:
Tory Thompson
Tom Belissimo
The Pasadena Waldorf School
The Barnsdall Art Gallery
Pat McMahon
The Campell’s Soup Company
Maggie Beidelman

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