The IntelleXual crew was given an opportunity to travel to Burbank and meet the cast, director and writer/producer of “Chastity Bites” prior to their DVD signing at Dark Delicacies on Feb. 16, 2014. Everyone had a great time prior to the signing with a special round-table podcast. The hosts for this special are Laura Davis and Jessica Jerrain.

A big thank you goes out to writer and producer Lottie Pharriss Knowles and Rachel Madison Hill for helping make this happen. And, a very, very big thank you to Dark Delicacies owners Sue and Del Howison for allowing us to take over a corner of their wonderful establishment and helping make the podcast a very special experience. I would recommend Dark Delicacies to anyone who needs a good horror fix or if you’re looking for a gift for the horror lover in your life.

IntelleXual and Scifi Sundae fans, be on the look out for video footage as well by our very own Bryan Keith Davis who was also on hand to not only set up every (our tech guru extraordinaire) but filmed parts of the podcast as well as the signing.

Click on the photos to see a larger version. Be sure to listen to Lottie Pharriss Knowles previous podcast (published Feb. 10, 2014) – it’s a great podcast. Remember, Chastity Bites is now out on DVD and VOD and you can get a copy on Amazon or walk into Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA.

Adios for now – Enjoy!

Dark Delicacies —

Chastity Bites —

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