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IntelleXual Entertainment Group

Delivery Intellectually Stimulating entertainment…

According to the Urban Dictionary the word IntelleXual means:

The type of relationship shared between two acquaintances who enjoy sharing stimulating intellectual discussions to the point of simultaneous Intellectual Orgasm.

Your Hosts

David S. Dawson

Hi. I’m David, your host at The IntelleXual Network. I’ve been a fan of podcasting for years having been first exposed to podcasting as a Radio & Television Communications student in the early 2000s. I started my first podcast in 2005 as a part of the marketing blitz for a feature film I produced here in San Diego called “What’s The Vig?”

I’ve tried more personal shows off and on over the years, but in 2013 I found my voice with the “Voices of ’93 Podcast” which I hosted and produced for my high school class as a celebration of our 20 year reunion.

The success of this show, and the overwhelming response of my classmates to continue it past the reunion, has inspired me to round up my extremely talented family and friends and launch The Intellexual Network. A place where we can produce the types of shows that we would listen to, and we think you’ll enjoy.


Theresa Dawson Davis

Theresa is the glue that holds IntelleXual Entertainment together.

Whitney Elaine Wegman

Whitney Wegman was born in Columbia, Mo to Fred Wegman, an aeronautics engineer, and Sharon (Hubenthal), a pediatric RN.  She has a sister, Hannah Boyer, from her mother’s second marriage. She is of mixed heritage; German, Polish, Czechoslovakia, Scotch-Irish, and English.  Wegman began acting in grade school and in church plays around the age of eight. She attended Washington High School where she continued to pursue acting in many of the theater departments plays.

After graduating Wegman continued her theater education at Avila University in Kansas City, MO. From there she migrated to Atlanta, GA were she found work primarily in film and television. There she appeared in multiple independent films and series, including “Thesis,” “Meet the Browns,” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

Taking a break from working Wegman returned to school at the University of Virginia to pursue an MFA in Acting. After completing her Masters Wegman relocated to California where she continues to work in film, television, commercials, and stage.

Mark Atkinson

Mark brings his comedic timing and unique wit to the podcast drawing from his acting, stand-up and improv background to always find the funny and humorous angles to any story. Originally from Rhode Island, Mark also brings an east coast attitude to the show. He is obsessed with JAWS.


The IntelleXual Podcast


Steven Schwartz

Steve is the eldest male member of the IntelleXual family. A transplant from NJ , Steve has been a long time friend and adpted family member of the Dawson-Davis-Davis-clan. Steve is also a filmmaker and a fledgling comedy writer, stand-up comedian and has been working on a documentary about a junior cavalry organization from his youth. Steve currently works for DirecTV.


Guest Host

The IntelleXual Podcast

Carla Van Wagoner

Carla is the backbone of The IntelleXual Podcast serving as our lead producer. She has been responsible for booking the majority of our guests since the earliest days of the show. It is safe to say that the immense growth of the show and the respect it has garnered is due in no small part the contributions of this one amazing lady.

She also joins in as an occasional co-host on The IntelleXual Podcast and takes many of our red carpet photos.


Guest Host

The IntelleXual Podcast

IntelleXual on YouTube

Bryan Keith Davis

Bryan is The IntelleXual Network’s chief sound engineer and cameraman. His expertise produces the high quality programming you hear on The IntelleXual Podcast, Sci-Fi Sundae and on all of our YouTube productions like The IntelleXual Red Carpet and Sci-Fi Sundae Blastoff!

Laura Marie Davis

Laura is a carpet correspondent of The IntelleXual Red Carpet and serves as a guest host on Sci-Fi Sundae and The IntelleXual Podcasts.

JJ” – Jessica Jerrain

An actress, mother, and radical friend, Jessica Jerrain has set her eyes on dreaming big since she was a young girl. Falling in love in the magical world of movies, and envisioning herself on that big screen one day, she saturated herself with as much as she could take in and learned, later putting herself in theatre classes from Jr. High through college. During that time she discovered that film and comedy was her calling. Making people laugh through acting, is an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Along the way she made a little mini-her who she likes to call Emily. Since the day Emily came into her life, she was forever changed. Making an oath to change herself mentally and physically she set out to be her best. Sounds simple enough. During this adventure and massive speed bumps of life, she realized that not only does she want to help herself and be a role model to her daughter but that she wants to help others be happy as well. These 3 things are reminders of what drives her to be extraordinary.