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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The IntelleXual Podcast, conceived and hosted by David S. Dawson, is an arts and entertainment show dedicated to providing fans of the creative arts an in-road into the lives and inspirations of the talented creative individuals who create the projects we all enjoy. With co-hosts Whitney Wegman, Steve Schwartz and Mark Atkinson on board, conversations with guests are casual, lively and often revealing!

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Lindsay Katt

Lindsay Katt brings her energy to the podcast to talk about her film The Avant Gardener!

E.J. De La Peña

It's Comic-Con Week in San Diego! Join us as we chat with show runner E.J. De La Peña of the new Amazon Prime series NOBILITY. E.J. has been a working actor since he was 4 years old...

Jennifer Paredes and Paco Mufote

Actors Jennifer Paredes and Paco Mufote join David on the set of Invisible in Mexico.

John Brooks

Austin Auger

Steve Froehlich

indi Film Project

Nathan Darrow

Pamela Wess

Joy Donze