Mark did something similar the other day and now, on Thanksgiving, I’m going to take a moment to reflect on 12 things I am thankful for from the past year.

1. First on any list of ‘thankful for’ from me is my family. Theresa Dawson Davis, Bryan Keith Davis, Carlota Dawson, Laura Marie Davis and Adam Davis… well… without their support and their continued encouragement I would not be where I am, creatively and emotionally, today.
2. THINGS HAPPEN – One of my only stated goals for the year was to successfully produce and direct two films this year. THINGS HAPPEN was the first and it was an amazing experience. FULLY CROWDFUNDED and large in scope THINGS HAPPEN continues to gain Official Selections at festivals and has garnered several nods for music, acting and quality. Thank you Sebastien Cipolla for the opportunity to work on your film.
3. The Film Consortium San Diego – This organization, and my new friend Jodi Cilley who runs it, has done so much to connect me with all the crazies in town who are just like me. Driven towards the impossible and unwilling to take NO as an answer. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this organization.
4. The 48 Hour Film Project – I did not make a movie this year, but found myself playing the incredible role of the voice of TOBOR in William Wall‘s The Adventures of Ranger Rocket and Daisy Danger. What a fun part to play, and what a great opportunity to finally break into voice acting. I will never forget it!
5. LEFTY – The second film I worked on this year is a very special one. Directed by my dear friend Karl Backus and starring his two daughters Sophie and Piper, LEFTY has been a labor of love and is going to be one of the absolute highlights of my film career so far. I’m proud to be a producer and editor of this amazing film dreamt up by two of the most incredible young ladies I’ve ever known.
6. Michael Brueggemeyer and the rest of the Grommets – I long held a grudge against this man and his team. I am thankful that I’ve finally grown up and moved past my own insecurities and small-mindedness. Brueggemeyer, Michael ToweFrank ForthJimly TeiperMerrick McCarthaMicah MinorMarianne Bates and all the rest of you are just amazing, talented and giving people who I am now happy to have as friends and colleagues.
7. THE RECENCY EFFECT – The Four Points Film Project film that my podcast built. With the aid of so many talented filmmakers who I have gotten to know because of my podcast, and with the enthusiastic addition of many others who were just excited to join a team with so much talent on it… we managed to craft in three days a film that I believe to be the best I’ve ever produced. I thank you all so much for that experience! I also thank Bob Jackson for the use of his incredible property for the film!
8. Mark Atkinson and Carla Van Wagoner – Mark joined the podcast in January and has brought so much humor and energy to the show. He has also graciously allowed us to invade his home and turn it into Larkspur Studios where we record most of our shows. Carla has worked tirelessly to raise the bar with the podcast since the earliest days and continues to amaze me with the guests she books for us.
9. Merrick McCartha, Tony CoxRandy Davison – Starting with Merrick joining THINGS HAPPEN and continuing on with project discussions and some already made collaborations, these three amazingly talented actors have helped me see that I have nothing to fear from working with people I admire and look up to. With each project we discuss and with each project we work on together I grow more and more at ease with myself and my ability to view myself as worthy of their efforts and time.
10. DayDream Hotel Movie – Thanks to Tony Perri and Lori Morkunas Jonesfor bringing me onboard and letting me play on this film. What an honor it was to be one of the few filmmakers to have the opportunity to shoot footage in the iconic Hotel del Coronado.
11. THREE FILMS! – I set out to produce and direct two films this year. With THINGS HAPPEN, LEFTY, and THE RECENCY EFFECT I managed to produce three films this year, with two directorial efforts. Add in films and television programs I’ve DP’ed, Gaffed, voiced and ran Audio on and the list of projects I’ve worked on this year is awesome!
12. Kristin Naomi – The final gear to fall into place for intelleXual entertainment and for the podcast. Kristin has become more than an actress, more than a co-host, she has become my closest friend and confidant. I am so thankful for her friendship and her kindness and her creative drive and energy. She helps me stay motivated everyday.

So there you have it… Twelve things I am thankful for. I am excited for the next year.

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