Death Valley

What do a famous desert, four attractive people, & MURDER all have in common?

My attention.

From director Tj Scott (Spartacus, Longmire, Gotham) & writer Brad McPherson (1000 Ways To Die), ‘Death Valley’ follows two couples (Victoria Scott, Nick E. Tarabay, Katrina Law, Lochlyn Munro) as they continue their night of crazy partying in Vegas, to a sweltering shindig into the Death Valley Desert. Life is good, until gunshots from a bleeding hooker in the middle of the road causes a breakdown leaving the group stranded and stuck with one very dead hooker.

The couples are forced to challenge their knowledge of each other’s sanity while going through dehydration, exhaustion, & utter confusion…before it’s too late.

‘Death Valley’ is a “who-done-it” thriller that really takes its audience to the edge of their seat trying to guess who’ll be left standing. With complex and intriguing characters, an entertaining and twisted story, and a breathtaking backdrop, ‘Death Valley’ is a must-see for Horror fans, Suspense fans, & anyone who loves a good Mystery/Drama.


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