Chase Masterson on The IntelleXual Podcast 2 Year Celebration Episode, LIVE on-stage at The Horton Grand Theatre in San Diego on Dec. 4, 2015

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Actor/Producer/Recording Artist Chase Masterson joins the show LIVE on-stage at The Horton Grand Theatre as the special guest for our 2 year celebration of The IntelleXual Podcast. Chase spoke with us about her latest project R.U.R., her black and white film noir passion project Yesterday was a Lie, and her great work with Pop Culture Hero Coalition. We also touch on some Star Trek and Doctor Who (Big Finish) items to round out the night.

Chase Masterson (@chasemasterson)

Pop Culture Hero Coalition – @superheroIRL


David S. Dawson (@theintellexual)

Kristin Naomi Garcia (@KNaoG1)

Mark Atkinson (@markstwitty)

Steven Schwartz (@DTVSteve)

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