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San Diego Talent Spotlight

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Dallas McLaughlin

Dallas McLaughlin

Film Indiego premieres tonight on KPBS at 11pm with host, and our guest, Dallas McLaughlin!

Neal and Jana Hallford

The creators of The Case of Evil join the show!

Derek Johnston on TIP 140

Learn the secret history of San Diego's favorite reformed Canadian!

Anthony and Raven Kilna

Anthony and Raven Kilna join the show and talk film, twitter and bad fake accents!

Mike Brayden & Ashley Levy on TIP 136

Mike & Ashley talk shop and much more on The IntelleXual

Ron Christopher Jones on TIP 133

The Amalgamated Grommets lead actor of The List, Mr. Ron Christopher Jones.
Francine Filsinger

Francine Filsinger on TIP 131

Francine Filsinger, head of San Diego Filmmakers, joins us to talk about art, photography, filmmaking and the soon to exist San Diego Film Office and much more!
Martin Banks

Martin Banks of Video-Gear on TIP 129

Martin Banks, owner of San Diego's Video-Gear, chats about filmmaking, the benefits of rental gear, how his company is poised to help filmmakers succeed and much more!


SCORCH - the legend; radio personality, wrestling manager, talk show host and now actor.

Jordan Jacobo of ‘Jordan Hates’ on TIP 127

Jordan Jacobo, the creative mind and star of 'Jordan Hates'

David Gutel and Angie Quidim on TIP 126

Director David Gutel and Producer Angie Quidim chat with us about their passion for making DEMONS...

SD Film Office with County Supervisor Dave Roberts

San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts discussed the status of the new San Diego Film Office with David and Kristin.

Micah Minor on TIP 123

Micah Minor chats it up with us about everything film, Los Angeles and Sign Spinning!!!

Kat Brown of Finest City Improv on TIP 120

Kat Brown chats with David and Mark about her love of improv, the amazing things happening at Finest City Improv and what it was like studying in 'Stab'-a Cruz.

Francia Cohen FX MUA on TIP 119

Make-Up Artist Francia Cohen chats with us about her experiences as a model, how she transitioned into owning a beauty salon, and what finally motivated her to become one of San Diego's premier FX MUAs.

Bob Gardner on TIP 117

Multiple award winning film and television producer Bob Gardner has been kicking ass for decades.

Eric Staley on TIP 116

Eric Staley chats with David and Steve about the challenges of making an independent feature film in San Diego.

Raul Adrian Urreola on TIP 115

The Golden Age: Heroes of Men is a web-series and companion comic book series from the creative mind of Raul Adrian Urreola.

The Legendary Frank Forth on TIP 114

The Amalgamated Grommets film team cleaned up at the LA 48 Hour Film Project this weekend with THE LIST, including...

Michael Towe on TIP 113

EMMY winning editor Michael Towe talks about the power of editing.

The Jon Allen on TIP 112

Actor, Voice Artist, Comedian, Wrestler (?), THE JON ALLEN talks about his career as a performer and his passion for wrestling.

Wes Craven Tribute with Miguel Rodriguez

Legendary Horror Film Director Wes Craven passed away yesterday at the age of 76. The IntelleXuals, joined by guest Miguel Rodriguez of Horrible Imaginings, reflect on the career and the impact of one of Horror’s most recognized names.

Joe Castanho on TIP 110

Enhance your listening experience... listen with one of these services! San Diego filmmaker Joe Castanho joins the show to talk about his...

Mark Anthony Cox on TIP 109

Mark Anthony Cox chats with us about his time acting in Los Angeles, how Hollywood success affected one of his friendships and what it's like acting again and watching his daughters follow in his footsteps.

Laura Bohlin – Episode 108

San Diego actress Laura Bohlin joins us to talk about how she came to San Diego and why she loves being here, acting on stage and in film including her experience in the San Diego International Fringe Festival, being a part of Film Indiego and so much more!

TIP107 with Rich Varville

Rocker and award winning filmmaker Rich Varville visits the podcast!

Jonathan Maxwell

One of San Diego's busiest working actors, Jonathan Maxwell, joins the show!

Videos of the 100th episode of The IntelleXual Podcast recorded LIVE at The Horton...

YouTube playlist of videos from intelleXual entertainment's celebration!

Sue Vicory and William Wall on the IntelleXual Podcast 100th Episode

San Diego Filmmakers, Sue Vicory of MY POWER OF ONE and William Wall of ZERO DAWN OF THE DARKLIGHTERS, join the show for the big live recording of the 100th episode on-stage at The Horton Grand Theatre in San Diego, CA. June 14, 2015!

An Evening with the IntelleXuals

June 14th @6:00pm at The Horton Grand Theatre... An Evening With The IntelleXuals.

Caroline Amiguet

2014 San Diego Film Awards Best Actress award winner Caroline Amiguet joins the podcast!

Jennifer Linch

Director and Actress Jennifer Linch joins David and Mark. They discuss growing up in Vietnam, moving to the United States, making films and performing stunts while wearing incredibly sexy outfits. It's a hot one!

Fred Ashman and that Sizzler Promotional Video

Fred Ashman, legendary San Diego video producer, joins the show to talk about "The Freddy" and that 1991 era Sizzler video that's taken the internet by storm! #sizzler

Living Life with Eddie Lain

Eddie Lain of VisionPulse Creative joins the show to talk about his Beast and knocking items off the ol' Bucket List.

Alfred Howard & Jodi Cilley – Film Consortium Music Mixer Primer

Jodi Cilley and Alfred Howard sit down with Mark and David to discuss blending music and film in San Diego with the upcoming April 3rd Film Consortium Music Mixer.

Fernando “Jay” Huerto – Jabronie Pictures

Fernando "Jay" Huerto of Jabronie Pictures joins the podcast to discuss making action films in San Diego...

Elephant Trunk and Coin Purse with Randy Davison

San Diego actor Randy Davison re-joins Mark, Steve and David to discuss his time on Showtime's Masters Of Sex and what his first experience with the "cock sock" was like.

Michael Brueggemeyer

Michael Brueggemeyer, leader of the Amalgamated Grommets, joins Steve and David on the podcast and discusses the origins of the Grommets, the way they create great film after great film, winning the Diversity in Film award at the San Diego Film Awards.

Randy Davison – I Wrecked That

Prolific San Diego actor Randy Davison joins the show.

Jodi Cilley

Jodi Cilley, founder of the San Diego Film Consortium, chats with David, Steve and Mark about the SD film community...