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Nerd HQ ’15 benefits Operation Smile

Nerd HQ benefits the charity Operation Smile and has helped raise $1,000,000 over the last 5 years.

ConMan at Nerd HQ ’15!

Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion and the cast of ConMan at Nerd HQ '15!

Elijah Wood at Nerd HQ ’15!

Elijah Wood (The Lord Of The Rings) panel at Nerd HQ '15, joined by Alan Tudyk!!

NERD HQ Video Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront

IntelleXual News special correspondent Boman Modine gives us our first major review of EA's Star Wars Battlefront!

Sherlock at Nerd HQ ’15!

Day 2 of Nerd HQ '15 has begun and IntelleXual News brings you the highlights of the SHERLOCK panel with Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue and Rupert Graves.

The Last Ship at Nerd HQ ’15!

The Last Panel of Nerd HQ 2015 Day 1 is The Last Ship!

Supermansion at Nerd HQ ’15!

From the minds that brought you Robot Chicken comes Supermansion! Bryan Cranston and Seth Green steal the show at the Nerd HQ Panel.

Battlebots invade Nerd HQ ’15!

Battlebots are returning and we have all the battle highlights!

William Shatner at Nerd HQ ’15!

The legendary William Shatner joins Zachary Levi to "pop his Nerd HQ cherry" in his first Nerd HQ panel!

Yvonne Strahovski at Nerd HQ ’15

Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi entertain their fans at Nerd HQ '15.

Dead Rising at Nerd HQ ’15

Dennis Haysbert, Jesse Metcalf and Zach Lipovsky of Dead Rising on Crackle.com talk about the film and much more!

Zachary Levi opens Nerd HQ ’15

Zachary Levi opens Nerd HQ '15 with a lively panel where he answered fan questions.

IntelleXual News debuts at Nerd HQ ’15

We will be bringing you video updates of the excitement throughout the next 4 days, as well as live tweeting from the Panels.

Videos of the 100th episode of The IntelleXual Podcast recorded LIVE at The Horton...

YouTube playlist of videos from intelleXual entertainment's celebration!

IXE teams up with My Power of One

intelleXual entertainment has partnered with My Power of One and will make a donation to their ‘do good’ fund in the amount of 10% of intelleXual entertainment’s ticket sales proceeds if more than 100 tickets are sold to the June 14th event.

An Evening with the IntelleXuals

June 14th @6:00pm at The Horton Grand Theatre... An Evening With The IntelleXuals.

2015 Sci-Fest LA reviewed!

I had the opportunity to see Group-B last Thursday evening which from the start had my inner fan boy all atwitter with a video of the king of cameos Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee welcoming you to the festival and admonishing the audience to shut off their cell phones, texting and no photography culminating with his signature line; Excelsior!

Tim Russ – Sci-Fest LA 2015

Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager) discusses the second year of Sci-Fest LA and even recreates his performance from a certain Sci-Fi comedy film from our youth!

Patricia Tallman – Sci-Fest LA 2015

Patricia Tallman discusses the second year of Sci-Fest, what's new, what's cool, and how much she believes in the magic of Sci-Fi on stage!

David Dean Bottrell – Sci-Fest LA 2015

David Dean Botrell discusses the second year of Sci-Fest, what's new, what's cool and the incredible writers of some of this year's programming!

intelleXual entertainment’s new short film THINGS HAPPEN enters final hours of crowdfunding

It's the final day to fully fund the short film THINGS HAPPEN and an exciting new development has arrived in the effort.

THINGS HAPPEN official trailer #1 released

intelleXual entertainment has debuted the first official trailer for the upcoming dramatic short-film THINGS HAPPEN.

IntelleXual Entertainment

The IntelleXual Network is now intelleXual entertainment.

The third Avengers Age of Ultron trailer is here

Marvel releases third Avengers Age of Ultron trailer online.

THINGS HAPPEN update from the set!

Our production crew has a few messages from the set of IntelleXual Entertainment's new short film THINGS HAPPEN

Duck Tales returns in 2017

Disney announced today that Scrooge and the gang are set to return to screens in 2017 on Disney XD with all new adventures!

BREAKING NEWS: Sony to partner with Marvel to bring Spiderman into MCU

Spider-Man will join Iron Man, Captain America and Thor in the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe

Spaceballs 2!

Mel Brooks says Spaceballs 2 might happen!

IntelleXual Entertainment’s UNLUCKY CHARMS Nominated for BEST WRITING

IntelleXual Entertainment's short film UNLUCKY CHARMS recognized with a nomination for BEST WRITING at the 2015 San Diego Film Awards.

The New Ghostbusters

pic.twitter.com/LBtv2YXfv6 — Paul Feig (@paulfeig) January 27, 2015 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js The deals aren't finalized yet but judging by his tweet today Paul Feig must...

When the light is green, trap is clean…

Ghostbusters gets the green light for a third film...

Robin Williams – Genie. You’re Free!

The IntelleXual Network (David, Theresa, Bryan, Steve, Carla, Solo) mourns the passing of Robin Williams with guests Roy Nelson and Megan Hayes.

PAST IMPULSE Official Trailer

The official trailer for the new short film PAST IMPULSE from IntelleXual Entertainment in association with Italian Cowboy Productions.

Sci-Fest Opening Night

Last night was a theatre experience unlike any other that I have been in attendance for or on the stage of. Sci-Fest welcomed The IntelleXual and Sci-Fi Sundae to be part of a full house opening night of the 1st Annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival.

Marvel heats up with Captain America: The Winter Soldier

By Carla Van Wagoner Okay, let’s just start this review off with the fact that there is almost nothing bad I...

X-Men: Days of Future Past Official Trailer

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Costume

Peter Capaldi in his new Doctor Who costume.

Cold Cold Cold

It's cold out there!

A History of Etch-A-Sketch

Christoph Niemann creates an illustrated tribute to André Cassagnes, the Etch A Sketch inventor who died on Jan. 16, 2013.