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Episode 151 The IntelleXual Podcast


David, on the day his mother returns home from the hospital to begin her EOL on hospice care, looks back and tells what he knows of how his parents met.

Happy Thanksgiving from David S. Dawson

David's 12 Things He Is Thankful For

IntelleXual Entertainment

The IntelleXual Network is now intelleXual entertainment.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As 2014 comes to a close I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year and all the craziness that has happened to myself and my friends here at The IntelleXual.

Let’s Laugh at Babies with Eyebrows

Babies with eyebrows drawn on "wins the internet!"

Single Mom, White Female

Got no feel, I got no rhythm I just keep losing my beat I'm ok, I'm alright Ain't gonna face no defeat I just...

Saying Yes is the Hard Part

It has been one wild year for me so far. Personally and professionally I have tried to do something I haven't done in a long time. I am saying "Yes" to me. What does that mean exactly? It means not putting the brakes on my ambitions and my dreams. It means not allowing myself to succumb to my inner fears and doubts.

Starry Night

I could feel my heart pulsing and thumping through my neck, my breathing had ceased for the moment and the butterflies in my tummy were fluttering and trying to escape. The gates to our section of the media room were officially open for the Night of 100 Stars Oscars viewing party and my hazel eyes had locked in on the first celebrity guest that had started down the long line of eager outlets ready to get their interviews on.

Thrilla In Manila

David and Steve spend their final night in the Philippines with David's Uncle Long! It's a fun Napoleon Brandy fueled podcast!

Last Night in Kalibo

David and Steve are nearing the end of their journey. Listen to their thoughts as they are preparing to leave Kalibo and the provinces and return to Manila for their final days in the Philippines!

Images from Chastity Bites DVD Signing and Podcast

The IntelleXual crew was given an opportunity to travel to Burbank and meet the cast, director and writer/producer of "Chastity...

Boracay Sunset

Steve and I have greatly enjoyed our time in Boracay. Steve has said numerous times that this is the most beautiful place he has ever been in his entire life. That's quite an endorsement. It's definitely one of my top 5.

Halfway Through – Podcast

David and Steve have reached the halfway point in their journey through the Philippines. They take stock on the trip so far and their thoughts on the people and the country so far.

Happy Valentines Day from the Philippines

Happy Valentines Day to everyone back stateside. We had a great time here in Kalibo. We slept in, I got a pedicure (needed badly due to an ingrown nail) and then we spent the evening at this amazing restaurant near the beach where they catch your dinner in the local river and then cook it up and serve it to you. The fish was amazing! Here are some photos!

Waxing poetic…

Many of my female friends have told me...come to think of it all my male friends as well, that I have the ugliest back and shoulder hair on the planet. I never gave it much thought. Yeah, it's unsightly, but I can't reach my back and I didn't want to go through the pain and cost of having it done. Fast forward to yesterday.

Kalibo – Halfway Point of Journey

Driving through the province hasn't been all that different from driving through the urban areas of Manila. Everywhere you go the suffering of people who survive on next to nothing is very apparent. The shanty towns of Manila give way to the shanties in the fields. But the living conditions are the the same... appalling.

Bizarre Foods

The IntelleXual on the Road is in the Philippines! David and Steve are on the journey of a lifetime as David visits his family in the Philippines for the first time in 30 years and Steve takes his first ever trip outside of the confines of the continental US. In this episode the boys try a bunch of Filipino foods they wouldn't have tried at home!

40th Anniversary – Paco Park, Philippines

For my mom, Paco Park was truly an oasis within the city. A place of refuge. Her happy place. Within the walls, amongst the funeral niches of fallen Filipino heroes, she found hope and comfort. It is no wonder that when she was facing the choice of where to get married she chose Paco Park.

Carlota’s 59th Birthday in the Philippines

David celebrated his Mother's 59th birthday in the Philippines with her.

Balut, Sweat and Tears!

So far 2014 has become the year of firsts for me. First time getting a passport. First time traveling outside the country. First time going through customs, the first time setting foot on foreign soil, first time getting a mani-pedi, (clear polish if you were going to ask) And, first time eating balut.

Bakit Why? Balut?

David and Steve are truly global podcasters now. Their premiere episode of The IntelleXual On The Road has them discussing flying on the Hello Kitty plane, their first day in the Philippines and Steve's adventuresome spirit leading him to downing a balut. It's a very yummy podcast from the other side of the Pacific!

EVA Flight 01 – LAX to TPE

We weren't sure what we were getting when we purchased the tickets on EVA Air. What we've found is my favorite airline. It's a good start to the journey!

24 Hours to Go…

In my 48 years I have traveled to different parts of the United States. Most recently, to Florida for a wedding of two friends from high school. A first for me. I had never been to Florida, but I have never left the country nor have I ever needed to get a passport. Another first.

Island Time

I'm going with my Mom and with one of my closest friends and co-host of my podcasts Steve Schwartz. He's nearly 50 years old and has never been outside of the U.S. for anything. Between my Mom being unpredictable because of her battle with liver cirrhosis and Steve's inexperience in traveling internationally this is going to be one interesting trip.

Fear To Dream

You cannot afford to live in potential for the rest of your life; at some point, you have to unleash the potential and make your move.

Fighting the Jitters

The IntelleXual was given an opportunity to speak with former American Idol contestant Allison Iraheta, and the legendary Martha Davis of The Motels. I was so excited to have the opportunity to get our first big celebrity interviews for the shows. But I was incredibly anxious about it.

Don’t Burn Me Twice

I've decided that if you decide to walk out of my life, in whatever haste, that I'm over you.

Two weeks until the Philippines

In about two weeks I will be leaving the United States behind on a very long flight across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. I will be leaving behind most of my close family (Mom's coming with) and my friends and all of the things I've grown up with in Southern California.

Birds and Blood Sugar in the Bay Area

This past week I had taken my brother and my father to San Francisco for a couple of days to visit with my aunts. I say my aunts because I consider my aunt Elaine’s partner, Rhoberta of approximately 40 years, as family.

Rodman Goes Korean

How does Dennis Rodman visiting North Korea matter? Can celebrities just do whatever they want politically?
Carla Van Wagoner

Carla’s Corner

Let's face it - some of us are writers and some us are just readers. I've fallen into the latter category. It's been years since I've written anything, other than my current bio.

Silly Old Ant

What makes a person funny? Is it the way they tell a story? Their intelligence? Can people be taught to be funny? My answer is no. I have known very funny people in my life and there are some people who are just not funny, period.

2014 – The Best One Yet?

The anticipation is building as we're waiting for 2014’s sparkly numbers to light up and welcome us into the new year, we also stand here in anticipation of what our next year's future holds. Some are very glad to see the previous year stay behind them while others had their "best one yet!™"

Beware The Dragons!

I recently challenged myself to try and truly see the world from a young child's perspective; entirely through their eyes, to engage my true self. I thought, "that can’t be too hard, I’m already pretty immature."

Farewell 2013

2013 has been an interesting year for me. It wasn't a bad year, certainly nothing like so many of the years in the early 2000s. In fact, it is probably the first truly solid year I've experienced in quite a long time.

12 Down 76 to Go

As many of you may or may not know, I have been trying, for quite some time now, to become a writer for television. I have written a couple of spec scripts for the CBS comedy, The Big Bang Theory.

Tis The Season

Every moment, big or small, will all happen when you’re truly ready for them to come into your life. Not everything is meant to be, we all go down separate paths but it's up to you on how you choose to handle your events. Why focus on what you don't have when you can focus on what you do have.

Be Extraordinary Everyday!

New adventures are waiting for us.  We need to trust that Life will bring to us all that we need....