Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there will ever be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein

beware_of_dragons_warning_sign_poster-r1a1d827ea3084f139c2fb57d5853623f_wqa_8byvr_512I recently challenged myself to try and truly see the world from a young child’s perspective; entirely through their eyes, to engage my true self.  I thought, “that can’t be too hard, I’m already pretty immature.”  There are a few things in my life that illuminate the inner child in me – the movies I enjoy, being an actress, and being on an improv comedy troupe. I have become aware of wanting to replace my fears with curiosity again. To stop worrying so much about this grown up life that demands discipline and responsibility. A grown up life that is the worst kind of sparring partner. It keeps throwing right hooks at us even as we are trying to get back up from the mat.

I’m interested now in taking an undiscovered path rather than a paved one, being spontaneous, and not worrying about being late because I want to smell all of the roses along the way, in wearing two different colored socks on purpose, or even pretending the ground around me is hot lava.

I took my little girl to the park today, one we’ve been to many times. We have already played on everything our little eyes have settled on many times. Today I took a different approach and I let my mind expand as far as my brain waves would roll. I improvised and immersed myself in the make believe world. Completely engaged with my daughter and her imagination until the sun went down.

We started on the playground, and then found ourselves over by the tennis courts which were, to our advantage, completely vacant.  She figured out how to unlock the gate then she opened it and closed and locked it again.  We suddenly found ourselves ‘locked in’ – not knowing how we would escape.  We put on our McGyver thinking caps and executed different tactics to free ourselves back into the world and be reunited with everyone we loved.

Then, we were whisked off to some far away place, and had to find our way back. Before we could our kitten and horse were taken by a monster and we had to go rescue them!  We put our brave faces on and set out on our new journey and left the tennis courts behind us.  We came upon a dirt path that I had never noticed before. It was tucked behind the tennis courts, hidden on the hill, and instead of saying, “no lets go back to the play ground,” I grabbed her hand, smiled and said, “lets go!

Along the journey we encountered ‘injuries’ and used leaves from the trees and bushes for their magical healing powers while braving this new world.  We even came across a sign that said – Beware, there are dragons beyond this point, do not cross, Danger. I was pretty excited about it myself but my little one just kept carrying on.  The adventure we shared was spectacular.

Turns out, there’s an amazing view at the top of this hill, which circles back around to the other side of the park.  I stand by this entrance every time I push her on the swings or am giving her a boost at the water fountain.  I was always too hesitant and nervous to venture beyond this point – away from civilization, in a sense. I suppose it’s because my eyes could not see beyond the trees that surrounded this unknown realm.  I stuck to what I knew and understood, which is something I’ve learned to do along the way, and not at all who I want to be or who I feel I am at heart.  I had become numb to this part of the park, forgetting it was even there.

We all are living a life that is made up of so many illusions. Some illusions are our own, some are crafted for us by others. Often we aren’t even aware of the illusions we surround ourselves with.  But have you ever pondered what your life could be capable of if you took control and just let your imagination run wild?  Our imagination is the eyes that see beyond the point of illusion.  If you just take control of what you believe in, and what you’re engaging in – everything and anything is possible.  Deny yourself the power of imagination and you’ll continue roaming this land at the mercy of others and being oblivious to the world surrounding you, doing the same thing everyday mindlessly. Complaining about your lack of control and not looking at anyone in the eye as they pass on by.

Children don’t worry. They’re infinitely curious. The world holds no boundaries for them. Everything is infinite and possible. They choose to do things that give them joy. And they are engaged in every moment of their life. I do believe this could be one of the few keys to living a truly radical life.  I dare you to let go of the fear of the unknown, imagine freely, and most importantly, BELIEVE!

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An actress, mother, and radical friend, Jessica Jerrain has set her eyes on dreaming big since she was a young girl. Falling in love in the magical world of movies, and envisioning herself on that big screen one day, she saturated herself with as much as she could take in and learned, later putting herself in theatre classes from Jr. High through college. During that time she discovered that film and comedy was her calling. Making people laugh through acting, was an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Along the way she made a little mini her who she likes to call Emily. Since the day Emmy came into her life, she was forever changed. Making an oath to change herself mentally and physically she set out to be her best. Sounds simple enough. During this adventure and massive speed bumps of life, she realized that not only does she want to help herself and be a role model to her daughter but that she wants to help others be happy as well. These 3 things are reminders of what drives her to be extraordinary.


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