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FEB. 15, 2016
IntelleXual Entertainment is pleased to announce that three short films locally produced by the group have been nominated for thirteen 2016 San Diego Film Awards. The San Diego Film Awards is a production of the Film Consortium San Diego and recognizes excellence in production from films produced in San Diego County and surrounding areas. The San Diego Film Awards will be a red-carpet event on Apr. 3, 2016 at The Music Box in San Diego’s Little Italy district. The show will also be broadcast to over 800,000 San Diego homes on COX Ch. 4 on April 23, 2016.

IntelleXual Entertainment submitted three films to the San Diego Film Awards this year. The films, THINGS HAPPEN, THE RECENCY EFFECT and LEFTY were all produced locally and primarily utilized local crew and casts.

THINGS HAPPEN was co-produced with Frenchtis Productions, starring Sebastien CipollaTerri Park and Merrick McCartha (Scandal, Criminal Minds). The film was directed by IntelleXual Entertainment founder David S. Dawson. THINGS HAPPEN was funded through a very successful crowdfunding campaign with over 60 contributors.

THINGS HAPPEN has been nominated for: Best Direction – David S. Dawson, Best Actor – Sebastien Cipolla, Best Supporting Actress – Terri Park, Best Musical Score – Romain Zante, Best Production Design – David S. Dawson, Theresa Dawson Davis and Bryan Keith Davis

THE RECENCY EFFECT was also directed by David S. Dawson and was produced locally in Dulzura. A part of the Four Points Film Project, THE RECENCY EFFECT was conceived, written, shot, edited and scored within a three day period in November 2015.

THE RECENCY EFFECT has been nominated for: Best Supporting Actress – Laura Bohlin, Best Musical Score – Solo Wang

LEFTY was co-produced with SOPIKA Productions and The film, conceived of and written by sisters Sophie Backus (age 9) and Piper Backus (age 5), premiered at the 2016 Winter Film Showcase at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park to an enthusiastic crowd on Feb. 13, 2016 winning Audience Choice for its screening group. The film stars the Backus sisters and was directed by their father Karl Backus.

LEFTY has been nominated for: Spirit of San Diego, Best Short Film, Best Actress – Sophie Backus, Best Actress – Piper Backus, Best Writing – Sophie Backus and Piper Backus, Best Visual Effects – David S. Dawson and Becky Damaske

“I am incredibly proud of the exceptional work our film teams have accomplished in the past year,” states David S. Dawson, film Director and founder of IntelleXual Entertainment. “We set a goal for ourselves at the start of 2015 to push our craft harder than we’ve ever done before, and to achieve greater recognition for our actors and crew. These thirteen nominations are an outstanding reflection of the dedication, effort, performances and execution on that goal from our entire film team.”

For more information on the films, or IntelleXual Entertainment:
(760) 456-9469

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