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  • Ebola Gone Girl

    David is joined by his friend Robin. Her science mind was disappointed that our episode #ebolasucks didn’t actually cover ebola. We rectify the situation tonight. We also talk about another disturbing thing, the film “Gone Girl.”
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  • Mark Eddie – Rock and Rolling with Laughter

    Mark Eddie
    Comedian/Musician Mark Eddie joins the podcast and talks about growing up in Ohio, finding his comedic groove and serenades us with his awesomeness. Mark is a true rock and roll musician with a great sense of humor.
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Random Radio Podcast

Sc-Fi Sundae

  • Doctor Who Returns

    David sits down with his 10 year old nephew Michael and Jessica Jerrain for a review of the first two episodes of the new Doctor Who season with the 12th Doctor – Peter Capaldi.
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  • Guardians of the Sundae

    The Sci-Fi Sundae crew are back! Joined this week by 10 year old Michael and 8 year old Aiden to discuss this year’s most exciting movie, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy!
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Voices of 93

  • Dave Forester House Party Part 2 – #028

    Voices of 93: The group discussion continues with insights on what animal brains taste best and Mary Knapp’s wedding in Bali!
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  • Brian Stanton – #023

    Voices of 93: Brian sits down with David at La Costa Resort and Spa, not far from where the reunion will be, and talks about surfing, traveling the world surfing, getting married and being a dad.
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I’m your host, David S. Dawson

David S. Dawson - Founder of The IntelleXual Network

David S. Dawson – Founder of The IntelleXual Network

Thank you for joining us at The IntelleXual. It is our sincerest hope that you will find content here that is stimulating, relevant and humorous. I believe that life is a journey. One to be taken day by day, always at the ready to experience anything and everything that life has to offer. So join us! Live it up with us, laugh with us and love with us! Make sure you tell us how we are doing in the comments sections of the site, and be sure to tell your friends and family to join us too!