Sci-Fi Sundae: Blastoff!

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The IntelleXual

  • Mark Yuzuik

    Exceptionally talented and real hypnotist Mark Yuzuik joins the podcast to dispel the myths of hypnosis and the realities of living life to its fullest! We are also joined by Yolanda Martinez, Mark’s wife and business partner.
  • The Amazing Kelsey Crane

    Actress Kelsey Crane joins the podcast to discuss her time on ABC Family’s Chasing Life, her upcoming feature Cardinal Matter and her amazing work at Quench LA.

Random Radio Podcast

Sc-Fi Sundae

  • Trans4mers Dude!

    David, Jessica, William and special guest 10 year old Michael Logan Davis sit down to discuss Transformers 4, Bill & Ted’s and much more.
  • Agents of GODZILLA

    David, Theresa, Jessica and William discuss the finale of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the new GODZILLA. Oh.. and congrats to William and Jessica for getting married.

Voices of 93

  • Mary Knapp – #022

    Voices of 93: Mary sits down with David (and a slew of people floating around in the background) to talk about her big life altering decision to quit her job and travel in 2003/4, and how she’s been living in Bali with her husband running a bed and breakfast. Sounds like she’s about to make some new “big decisions” that will send her and Wayan off in a new direction soon. Mary talks a lot about change, and it’s good.
  • Happy 4th Of July BONUS EPISODE

    Voices of 93: The Lovely Ladies of Friday night take over the podcast! Listen to what happens when David loses control of his show! And then, sit back for a taste of Ghost Beat, Casey Gee’s band as we feature a bootleg recording from their performance at the Ki’s SDHS Class of ’93 Fundraiser event.

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I’m your host, David S. Dawson

David S. Dawson - Founder of The IntelleXual Network

David S. Dawson – Founder of The IntelleXual Network

Thank you for joining us at The IntelleXual. It is our sincerest hope that you will find content here that is stimulating, relevant and humorous. I believe that life is a journey. One to be taken day by day, always at the ready to experience anything and everything that life has to offer. So join us! Live it up with us, laugh with us and love with us! Make sure you tell us how we are doing in the comments sections of the site, and be sure to tell your friends and family to join us too!