intelleXual entertainment has partnered with My Power of One and will make a donation to their ‘do good’ fund in the amount of 10% of intelleXual entertainment’s ticket sales proceeds if more than 100 tickets are sold to the June 14th event.
Gigi Edgley of FARSCAPE and JIM HENSON'S CREATURE SHOP fame joins the show. We talk about working with puppets and being an alien on a sci-fi program. We also talk about the struggles of moving around the world for work and the fate of Jim Henson's Creature Shop on SyFy.
June 14th @6:00pm at The Horton Grand Theatre... An Evening With The IntelleXuals.
Jon Bailey the epic voice of Screen Junkies Honest Trailers joins the show and hilarity ensues as the man with the buttery voice shows us he's more than just another movie trailer voice!
I had the opportunity to see Group-B last Thursday evening which from the start had my inner fan boy all atwitter with a video of the king of cameos Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee welcoming you to the festival and admonishing the audience to shut off their cell phones, texting and no photography culminating with his signature line; Excelsior!
2014 San Diego Film Awards Best Actress award winner Caroline Amiguet joins the podcast!