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  • Steven L. Sears

    Steven L. Sears
    Writer, Actor and Producer Steven L. Sears talks with us about how be became a Hollywood screenwriter. What it was like working on Xena and how much he loves the fans.
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  • High Profile Court Cases and How To Survive a DUI

    Lonnie McDowell, Esquire of McDowell & Associates Attorneys sits down with David and Bryan to discuss what it is like being the attorney of high profile clients.
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Random Radio Podcast

Sc-Fi Sundae

  • Doctor Who Returns

    David sits down with his 10 year old nephew Michael and Jessica Jerrain for a review of the first two episodes of the new Doctor Who season with the 12th Doctor – Peter Capaldi.
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  • Guardians of the Sundae

    The Sci-Fi Sundae crew are back! Joined this week by 10 year old Michael and 8 year old Aiden to discuss this year’s most exciting movie, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy!
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Voices of 93

  • Felicia Ramsey – #009

    Voices of 93: Felicia Ramsey talks with David about the reunion planning, her kids, loving Madonna, lacking parental supervision and worrying about potentially living with a “Party Girl” legacy.
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  • Matthew Wietzke – #003

    Voices of 93: Matthew Wietzke sits down with David and talks about being adopted, missing all the signals with girls in HS, being a Rave DJ, wearing Hammer Pants, coming to the realization that they are Asian Americans, swimming in a speedo and taking 20 plus years to find a calling.
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David S. Dawson - Founder of The IntelleXual Network

David S. Dawson – Founder of The IntelleXual Network

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